Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems And Solutions

Posted on: 2 October 2015

Your business relies on your commercial refrigeration unit working flawlessly. The food that you keep inside of the unit will not be able to cool itself when the unit stops working, so you need to make sure that your unit is in good shape. Unfortunately, problems do happen from time to time, but knowing what the most common problems are can help you quickly identify when your unit is about to fail. 

1. Leaking Unit

A leaking refrigeration unit can pose a health risk and also cause a loss of air in your refrigerator. If you notice a leak, it is often caused from a loose fitting, damage to a line, or a problem with the Freon pressure inside of the unit. 

If the reason for the leak is from Freon pressure, you need to seek help from a technician right away. Freon can pose health risks to you and your employees so it is of the essence that you get the problem under control. 

2. Corrosion

If your refrigeration unit is corroding, it may be because something got on the unit that should not have been there. For instance, if food lands on any of the mechanical parts of the unit, you will find that rust forms and the unit may then not work as efficiently as possible. 

You can easily protect your unit from corrosion by ensuring that all food is stored correctly and that your employees are washing the unit and keeping it clean. 

3. Misshapen and Broken Tubes and Connections

If you notice that the tubs and connections in the back of the refrigeration unit are sagging, bent, misshapen, or broken, this is often caused from a lack of support for the tubing. You should ensure that all of the connection hoses and tubes are properly fitted and supported at all times. 

If the tubing does sag or become damaged, this can lead to leaks in the system. 

4. Defrost Cycle Not Working

If you notice that the defrost cycle is not working on your commercial refrigeration unit, then there may be a problem with the heating element or you may have a clogged line somewhere. To fix this problem, you will need to check the heater to ensure it is heating up properly. 

Call a Professional Technician

If you are having trouble identifying or fixing a problem with your refrigeration unit, call a professional commercial refrigeration service to come take a look. Many of the problems above are caused from a lack of maintenance and can be fixed with an updated routine.