Addressing Two Commonly Encountered Air Conditioning Problems

Posted on: 18 February 2016

An air conditioning system can be an invaluable tool during the hottest times of the year. Yet, it is fairly common for individuals to be unaware of how to address some of the more common issues that these systems might be unlucky enough to experience. After you learn about the following couple of questions and their answers, you will likely be in a far better position when it comes time to have these problems addressed.

What Is Causing The System To Suddenly Stop Cooling?

A common issue that homeowners may experience is that they notice that their unit is no longer cooling as effectively. This problem may be caused by a number of issues, but one of the more common is a leak. When your air conditioner is leaking, the refrigerant level will drop, and this will inhibit its ability to cool the air in your home.

If you notice this problem, you should have an experienced technician inspect the system. These professionals can use specialized tools that will pressurize the air conditioning system. In the process, any leaks will become more obvious as refrigerant will be coming out of them. By using this approach, it is possible to quickly identify the source of the leaks so that they can be repaired.

Why Is Water Pooling Around The Exterior Unit?

Another issue that is often encountered is pooling water around the exterior unit. This might not seem like a very serious problem, but it can cause erosion along the base of the home as well as rot. When you notice this problem, it is likely being caused by a clogged drain. This drain is designed to allow condensation to easily flow away from the unit, but if this gets clogged, the water may start to pool.

To address this problem, you will need to thoroughly clean the drain because debris or algae may be clogging the drain. You will need to physically remove these items from the drain, and it will be necessary to use bleach to sanitize the drain. If you fail to sanitize the drain, it is likely that the algae will simply return soon after you finish.

Keeping your home comfortable will require you to make sure that your air conditioning system is kept in good condition. Sadly, if you are unsure of how to address some of the routine problems that might arise, this can be extremely difficult. Learning about the steps of repairing a unit that has a refrigerant leak and how to address water pooling around the unit will help you to better handle a couple of common heating and air conditioning repairs.