Home Heating Woes? Smart Ways To Get The Best Price On Your New Furnace Installation

Posted on: 11 March 2016

Owning a home is a great investment, but the benefits can sometimes be a struggle; in addition to the cost of periodic maintenance and replacement for the roof, electrical, and plumbing systems, the heating and air conditioning system is also destined to fail or become inefficient as it ages. While usually lasting for a decade or longer, when given proper care and maintenance, even the highest quality furnaces will need to be replaced with a newer, more efficient model, and this can be costly. If you are a homeowner struggling with an aging or faulty furnace and concerned about the cost to purchase the components, the following tips can help you get the best possible price.

Check for applicable energy rebates

In the quest to improve energy efficiency across the nation, a number of incentives, such as tax credits and rebates are often available to homeowners for the purchase of a new, more efficient furnace. The United States Department of Energy publishes an extensive list of available energy incentives online that is easily searchable by state. In addition to this list, be sure to also check with your local power company, as well as natural gas and propane suppliers that may be offering some type of incentive in your immediate area.

Look for manufacturer and scratch-and-dent discounts

In addition to incentives based on energy efficiency, furnace manufacturers sometimes offer discounts on certain models in order to make room for newer models being manufactured. To locate this type of discount, let your local heating and cooling contractor know what type of system you are interested in. Ask them to check with the manufacturers they work with to see if there are current or upcoming sales or any specific specials, such as a unit being discounted for scratch-and-dent reasons, such as having damaged packaging that does not affect the furnace. In fact, one blogger says that she was not only able to get a discount by buying scratch-and-dent appliances, but she was still able to get perks like free delivery. And if you buy the furnace with cash instead of credit, that can certainly lower the cost. It doesn't hurt to negotiate.

Ask your heating contractor about in-house discounts

While speaking with your heating contractor about any applicable manufacturer discounts or specials, also remember to ask if they have any systems available in-house at a discount. These might include locally repossessed systems, showroom models, or furnaces in their warehouse that did not sell for some reason during their model year. Check out http://www.coeheatcool.com for more information. Your furnace contractor may also have a unit available that was returned by a customer as faulty and has since been completely reconditioned. When considering any furnace that may have been returned, repossessed, or reconditioned for any reason, always make sure that a warranty is included.