Help Your HVAC Technicians - Three Steps For Easy System Maintenance

Posted on: 12 December 2016

If you don't know the first thing about HVAC systems and how to keep them in good condition, read on to discover some of the options for easy maintenance that can help your furnace or other system last longer.

You don't have to go to school for heating and cooling systems to understand some of the finer points of HVAC system maintenance. In a lot of cases it's as easy as doing recommended maintenance over time and making sure that systems are set up the way that they're supposed to be.

Change Air Filters

Air filters might seem like a tiny accessory, but they play an important role in a heating and cooling system.

The air filter stops contaminants in the air from cycling their way through the system. It traps dirt and dust in a fine woven layer of material to keep air quality better as the system works.

Changing air filters increases the life of your HVAC system. That's why the company recommends changing these over time. Some filters need to be changed quarterly, others annually. Look at your manual and replace filters accordingly.

Avoid Improper Air Pressure

HVAC systems are also made specifically for individual buildings. They're designed to work best when all of the apertures and designs that engineers have created are used as recommended.

That means not closing registers or vents during particular seasons. It means not installing strange additional filters or other layers that will hamper airflow as it moves through the building. Try to resist DIY changes that can ruin the system or decrease its lifespan.

Preserve Access

One of the worst problems with HVAC systems is when no one can get access to work on them.

Over time, if you don't pay attention to your heating or air conditioning system, junk can pile up around access points, such as in front of a closet housing the blower or boiler. That poses a twofold problem -- you can't get in to do the necessary maintenance, or to set a reset button, and if you need to call someone, they can't get in to do the necessary care. This can lead to enormous problems with HVAC systems, so always make sure that the pieces of the structure are accessible and that you can see control panels or readouts to diagnose a problem.

It's also important to keep duct work clean and clear of contaminants. Keeping your property in an uncluttered condition helps to avoid problems with buildup or improper items in the ductwork.

Follow these simple rules for better HVAC outcomes. Contact a company like A & E Heating and AC Inc​ for more tips.