3 DIY AC Repair Tips

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Having an air conditioning unit that is functioning properly is critical when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home during the warm summer months. If you find that your home's interior is warmer than usual, your AC unit may be malfunctioning.

Here are three simple things that you can do yourself to help remedy the problem before contacting an HVAC specialist for assistance.

1. Check to ensure your AC unit has power.

Your air conditioner requires access to a constant electrical current in order to generate the cooled air needed to maintain your home's indoor temperature. When this electrical current is compromised, you may find that your AC won't function properly.

Start by checking the breaker to which your AC unit is connected. A surge of electricity or other anomaly can trip the breaker, causing power to be cut off from your AC unit. Switching the breaker all the way off and then turning it on can be a quick fix when lack of electricity is the problem with your AC unit.

2. Melt the ice from your AC unit's coils.

As air passes through your AC unit for cooling, any moisture in the warmer air can condense on the surface of the unit's coils. When this moisture comes into contact with the cooling unit, it begins to freeze and form ice along the surface of your AC's coils.

When you notice the temperature in your home rising, check underneath the outside cover for iced coils. If you do spot ice, just turn off the unit and allow the ice to melt in order to restore functionality once again.

3. Replace your AC unit's filter.

The air that is cooled and circulated through your home is sucked into the AC unit from the outdoor environment. This outdoor air passes through a filter that removes any dirt and debris particles from the air before it moves through the AC unit.

When the filter becomes clogged, your AC unit must work harder to suck in enough air to cool your home. When the indoor temperature inside your home begins to rise, check the cleanliness of your AC unit's filter. Replacing an old filter with a new one will allow your AC unit to function properly.

Being able to identify and address some key issues when it comes to the performance of your air conditioner will ensure that the temperature in your home stays comfortable. Before contacting an HVAC professional like A-1 American Services to examine your malfunctioning AC unit, try checking the breaker, melting iced coils, and replacing the filter in an attempt to correct the problem on your own.