Two Times When You Definitely Want To Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Although duct cleaning can improve the air qualify in your home, it isn't necessary to have it done on a routine basis. However, here are two times when you will want to have a professional clean your ducts to minimize the risk of airborne contaminants finding their way into your home and making you or your loved ones sick.

After a Renovation

While remodeling your home is a great way to personalize it and increase the market value of the property, there are some disadvantages to undergoing the process; one of which the renovation can generate a significant amount of contaminants that may find their way into your duct system and cause problems long after the remodeling has been completed.

For instance, if you had asbestos in your home that needed to be removed, some remnants of that substance can drift into your duct system and be scattered back into the home whenever the air conditioner or heater kicks on. Even significant amounts of plain dust in the ducts can aggravate breathing conditions.

To prevent that from happening, it's best to add money to your renovation budget for duct cleaning and have the company perform the service within a few days after you finished the remodeling and have cleaned up the rest of the debris.

There Were Toxins in the Home

Another time when you want to have your ducts cleaned is when you know there were toxins in the home. Because your HVAC system circulates air through the system, any dangerous particles floating in the home will likely find its way into the ducts and remain there for a long period of time since most people don't think to clean them out.

For instance, if you know your home was used as a meth lab or the previous inhabitants used the drug, you definitely want to have a professional clean up your ducts. Although you may scrub the floors, walls, and other parts of the home that may be contaminated with drug residue, your hard work could be undone if you forget to clean your ducts because the residue inside of them will just end up being blown around the home.

Thus, if an inspection of the home reveals it once had toxins inside, including mold and mildew, contact a professional as soon as possible to clean the ductwork.

For more information about duct cleaning, contact a local company.