Have Uneven Temperatures Throughout The House? What To Know And Do

Posted on: 24 January 2018

If your home is hot in some rooms, and super cold in the others, and you can't get a consistent temperature, you want to have an HVAC service professional come to your home. You are not only wasting energy, but it could be uncomfortable in certain areas of the house. Here are some of the things to ask yourself, and to talk with the professional about so they can service your HVAC needs properly.

Are the Cold Air Duct Returns Properly Located?

The heating contractor can walk around the house and find all the cold air duct returns, to make sure that they are in the proper places. If they aren't, this could be preventing the furnace from pushing the air throughout the house properly, and this is why you could end up with hot and cold rooms throughout the winter and summer.

Have the Ducts Been Cleaned Recently?

If your air ducts and the ventilation system has never been cleaned, then there could be clogs in the ducts that are stopping the air from flowing properly. You want to have the HVAC team do a full duct cleaning. Make sure that they also clean out the filters in the furnace, and the furnace, to prevent dust from quickly creeping back in your ducts.

Check for Duct Leaks

Gaps and leaks in the ducts could be causing you to lose 30 percent of the heat that your furnace produces, and it could prevent you from getting the air that you need pushed around. Have the HVAC professional test for leaks, and then if it's necessary have them seal the ducts to stop future air loss.

Furnace Tune-Up

Air could be getting trapped somewhere inside the furnace, or the blower motor fan may not be working well enough to push air throughout the ducts to all areas of the home. With a tune-up and some maintenance, this may make the difference in heating the house evenly as needed. This should be done annually with filter changes anyways.

These are just some of the problems that could be causing the issues, the thermostat or other things could also be the source of your uneven temperatures. Talk with the HVAC team about how to maintain your HVAC system in the future so you don't have to deal with these issues, and what you can do to improve your heating and cooling costs throughout the winter.