How The Air Conditioning Effects Office Productivity

Posted on: 12 August 2018

High levels of productivity are essential in your office. When production suffers, the business will ultimately suffer as well. Whether you realize it or not, how well your air conditioning functions will directly affect just how productive your employees are. Learn how your air conditioning might be hindering work in your office.

Health Concerns

The overall health of your employees is essential when it comes to productivity. When an employee is plagued with a health concern, they will be unable to go to work. An air conditioning with a clogged filter or ducts that are poorly maintained can spread allergens and other illness-promoting particles through the air and make more of your employees sick. 

You must keep the ducts and filter clean to keep your employees healthier. If you notice a sudden influx of employees getting sick and you know you have not performed HVAC maintenance in some time, use this as a warning sign that you need to have maintenance performed. 


Temperature control keeps you comfortable. When there is a temperature imbalance in the room, you will have an issue. For example, if the air conditioning is not adequately cooling the building, the extra heat and humidity can keep a person's focus off of their work and turn it towards cooling themselves off. 

Whether it's making more trips to the bathroom to put a cold towel on their face or more trips to the break room for a cold drink, the less focus, the less productive your team will be. If your air conditioning is not adequately cooling, the unit could be too small for the building. If you have made updates over the years but did not install a larger unit, this issue is likely to blame. 

Equipment Failure

In today's age, the average office relies on computers, servers, copy machines, and a host of other electronic functions to perform daily functions. When there is an issue with your air conditioning, such as poor humidity control, the function of these systems is directly affected.

Poor humidity control can actually cause electronic devices to fail, especially if the problem is allowed to linger for some time. If your employees can't access the equipment, they will also be unable to perform their job duties. Not only will equipment failure effect productivity, but equipment replacement is very costly. 

As an owner, it's your duty to create a work environment that promotes productivity. Make sure you focus on your air conditioning to accomplish this goal. For any concerns you have about your air conditioning's efficiency and function, contact a commercial HVAC technician, such as at R A Heating & Air Cond Inc, for assistance.