Two Things You Can Do to Keep Your Air Conditioning System in Good Shape

Posted on: 12 October 2018

Enduring the blistering heat of summer and having your air conditioning (AC) system suddenly stop working is something that no one plans to do. The AC unit may have seemed to be operating just fine when, out of the blue, you find that the device won't turn on. You're then forced to call a local heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) servicing center and wait until a technician is available to come out and fix it. Although you can't plan for emergencies, here are two important activities you can do to keep your AC system in good working condition.

Keep the Central Unit Clean

Because so many AC units tend to be outside, you might forget how vital it is to keep them clean. Tidying up the house is second nature, but when the main unit is in a dark corner of the backyard, you can easily fail to put it on your cleaning checklist.

Picture all of the dirt, leaves, sticks, and other kinds of debris that could be building up in the coils of your AC system. There might even be a whole nest of birds or some other animal that has decided to construct their home right there in your unit. The only way to keep a handle on the condition of your AC unit is to make a conscious effort to clear away any dirt that has entered the unit so the system won't get clogged up and eventually conk out.

Changing the Filter Is a Must

You should also set aside a specific time on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to see if the AC filter needs to be changed. Air filters have to perform the tough task of blocking the debris that would ordinarily pollute the air quality in your home. If the air filter goes on for too long it will start to accumulate so much dirt that some of it will inevitably slip through. Pair this with the possibility that your unit will have to use up more power to operate under dirty conditions, and you can see why you absolutely must get into the habit of maintaining a clean air filter.

It doesn't require much time to keep your AC system on the right track. Pencil in these activities on your to-do list, and you can keep a faulty AC unit from messing up the climate in your house. You should also schedule regular AC maintenance with a licensed professional.