4 Late Winter Heating Repair Tips To Get Ready To Shut Down Your HVAC And Prepare For Summer

Posted on: 25 February 2020

In the late winter months, you will be winding down your usage of the heating in your home. This is a good time for the last bit of maintenance and any repairs that need to be done before the summer cooling is needed. The following tips will help with the heating repairs that should be done before you turn your system off to get ready for spring: 

Inspecting the Ductwork for Damage and Repairing It Before You Turn Off Heating

The first step in preparing for heating repairs is to check the ductwork. Problems with damaged ductwork can cause air leaks and loss of energy with both heating and cooling systems. Therefore, it is a good idea to have these problems repaired before you turn the heating off.  

Problems With a Dirty Furnace That Needs to Be Cleaned Before Turning the Heating Off

There are a lot of problems that may arise with your heating due to the furnace becoming dirty. Cleaning your furnace is a good routine to prevent problems and ensure that it is working efficiently. The cleaning will also expose problems with blowers, heating elements and pilot lights that you will want to have repaired before you turn the heating off for spring weather.  

Problems With Your Heating Electrical Wiring That Should Be Repaired Before Spring 

There may also be problems with your heating electrical wiring that needs to be repaired before turning it off for the winter. Sometimes, these problems may just be minor wear and other issues, or they could be more serious problems with short circuits that cause the system to not work. No matter what the electrical problem is, you will want to have it repaired before you turn your heating off.  

Dealing With Problems That Affect Thermostats and Dampers That Need Repairs Before Using Your Cooling

Your heating system and cooling system use the same ductwork system. In the ducts, there are dampers, which direct the airflow. With modern zoned HVAC designs, these are often controlled automatically with thermostats. Therefore, these areas of your system will need to be inspected and may need repairs before you start using the cooling for the warm summer.  

These are some of the heating repairs that will need to be done before you get ready to turn your system off for the winter and get ready for spring. If you need help with repairs before you forget about them, contact a heating contractor and talk with them about repairs and improvements.