3 Things To Know About Installing A Mini-Split Set-Up In Your Home

Posted on: 5 June 2020

A mini-split air conditioning and heating system can be very beneficial to your home. They tend to save you money, as you can have independent control of the temperature in each room of your house that a unit is installed in. When it comes to installing a mini-split air conditioning unit, there are a few things you need to make sure you do to get the installation right.

Determine the Right Size Equipment

When it comes to installing a mini-split AC system, you need to get the size right. You don't want to go with the cheapest or the largest unit, which are two common mistakes people make. Instead, you want to measure the square footage of the space you are using and choose a unit that is designed to cool that amount of space. If you have tall ceilings, you are going to need to add to the square footage.

An experienced AC installation contractor will take measurements of your floors and walls to determine the exact size system you need to effectively cool your home. Installing the right size system will ensure your home cools off in an efficient manner and will help ensure the system is not stressed out by trying to cool a space that is too big or too small for the system.

You want the perfect fit, and an experienced AC installer can make sure you install the right size duct system for your specific needs.

Read Through the Installation Manual

Before installing the mini-split system, take the time to read through the installation manual. The installation manual will provide you with important information about how you must install the system in order for the warranty on the equipment to be valid. If you don't follow the instructions in the manual, the warrant will be invalid.

Make sure both you and the AC installer you work with have read the installation manual and follow all the instructions you are required to follow in order to maintain the warranty. Pay careful attention to the clearance required for each unit, and make sure both the inside and outside units meet these clearance requirements.

Discuss Where You Want the Indoor Unit

Finally, you need to make sure that you discuss where you want the indoor unit with the contractor. Your ideas and their ideas about where the indoor unit may differ, so make sure you come to a conscious before the installation process starts.

Mini-split air conditioning units are fairly quiet, but they do make some noise, so be sure to consider the noise level when choosing where to put the unit. Your installation contractor will be taking other elements into consideration that will impact the efficiency of your unit. Work together to determine where to put the unit.

When installing a mini-split AC unit, work with your AC installation contractor to purchase the right size unit, and determine where to put the unit inside of your home. Reach out to an AC installation professional to learn more.