Top Signs That It's Time for a New AC Unit

Posted on: 9 June 2020

A high-functioning air conditioning system is absolutely critical if you want to enjoy a comfortable residential environment. Think of how excruciating it would be to have to exist in the same sweltering heat that you face each day when you step outside of your front door. It's a very unpleasant thought and one that you certainly wouldn't want to deal with in reality. That's why it is so important for you to pay attention to your AC unit so you'll know when it is on its last legs.

If any of the following signs show up in your home, it may be time to invest in a brand new AC system.

1. Your Energy Bill Takes a Sharp Uptick

As long as energy costs remain the same in your neck of the woods you're probably able to gauge how much your power bill is going to cost each month. You've made the normal price range part of your budget so if you start to get surprisingly high invoices it can throw a serious monkey wrench in your financial plans.

When your energy bills begin to hike higher and higher it's important for you to take note of it. Your AC unit could be the culprit behind the increase. If your system is running down and is on the verge of complete failure, there could be parts that are pulling on more energy just to keep cold air in your home. Calling up an AC contractor and asking them to do an inspection should be enough for you to learn if a new AC system is needed ASAP.

2. Poor Airflow Is a Serious Problem

Good airflow can make or break the quality of your home life. If one or more rooms are consistently colder than the others, this could lead to discrepancies between members of your household that you definitely don't want to get into.

The rooms in your house with windows that face the sun are often naturally much warmer than other areas. However, if two rooms that occupy the same space have drastically different temperatures, it could mean that your current AC system is no longer able to pump air evenly and it's time for an upgrade.

Getting a new AC unit could make your house a much happier place to be. When these symptoms appear contact a certified AC contractor and let them give you an estimate for a new unit without delay.