4 Things To Remember When Sizing Your Cool Room

Posted on: 12 August 2020

Are you looking to buy a new cool room? Do you need to replace your current unit? Size is undoubtedly one of the primary considerations to keep in mind when buying a cool room and any other type of cold storage and refrigeration.

Before you buy and have your new cold room unit installed, here is a look at a few things that you should know about cool room sizing.

1. Size Affects Cost

You get what you pay for. While there are certainly other factors, the size matters when it comes to price. Bigger walk-in cool rooms are typically more expensive compared to smaller units. That said, you should also consider the budget you are working with when narrowing down your options.

2. Bigger Doesn't Always Mean More  

It may come as a surprise, but going for the biggest cool room does not always mean that it will be able to hold more than the other options you have. Outside of the dimensions of the cool room, there is the layout of the shelves to consider as well. Again, the insulation layer may be so thick that it eats up a lot of space.

3. Your Space May Limit You

Do you have enough space to accommodate the size of the cool room you would like to buy and install? You have to evaluate the available floor room, as well as the ceiling height. Bear in mind that you will need to leave some airspace around the unit.

That your indoor space is limited is no reason why you cannot go ahead and get that big cool room you want. Again, as the available space permits, you can always consider an outdoor installation.

4. Always Think Scalability

Your cold storage needs may change over time. You will need to ensure that your refrigeration units can keep up. Go for a bigger unit in anticipation of your growing cold storage needs. It is far more economical to invest in a big unit instead of having to buy other refrigeration units when you grow as a business and need to store more. There are also modular units that you can add.

Working with an HVAC contractor is undoubtedly your best bet at getting it right. From expert advice on unit specs to professional installation, you can look forward to getting a cool room that will best serve your needs and last a long time.