Air Conditioner Repairs for When You Need Your Cooling

Posted on: 17 November 2020

There are going to be times when AC failures need to be taken care of quickly. As you start using your air conditioner more, you will eventually need repairs. The following AC repairs will need to be done when parts fail in the summer heat:

Storms Causing Damage to the AC

As the storms during the summer weather come, they can cause serious damage. One of the areas of your home where they can cause damage is the HVAC system. The storm damage to your AC that is going to need to be repaired includes:

  • Damage due to debris falling on the AC unit
  • Issues with electrical storms causing AC damage
  • Heavy rains that cause moisture problems with AC ducts

The storms during the summer months can cause serious damage to your AC. When your AC has electrical problems due to lightning, you will need professional help with these repairs.

Failing Blowers Causing Airflow Problems

The blower of your AC needs to have good airflow. There are parts that can fail on a blower. The problems with your AC blower that may need to be repaired include:

  • Debris blocking the fan blades
  • Problems with worn bearings
  • Failing blower motors

These problems with your blower can cause the AC to not keep your home cool. If your HVAC has poor airflow, you will want to check the blower for problems. There are other issues that can restrict airflow, such as a dirty filter. Make sure to change filters and check the ductwork for problems.

Overheating Causing Damage to the Compressor

The summer months can cause the compressor to overheat. When these problems are severe, it can cause serious damage to your AC. The problems with compressors that you should be familiar with are:

  • Dirty parts causing ice buildup
  • Overheating due to low lubricant levels  
  • Damaged lines
  • Electrical problems

The compressor is a component that often needs repairs during summer weather. This is due to the strain on the system that causes ice and overheating. Cleaning the unit regularly can help reduce these problems during summer weather.

Refrigerant Leaks that Cause Issues with Cooling  

The refrigerant leaks are another problem that can cause your system to not cool. These leaks are often due to the wear of AC components. The areas where your air conditioner may start leaking refrigerant gases include:

  • Damaged cooling lines
  • AC compressor wear
  • Condenser coil leaks

These are repairs that need to be done to get your compressor working. You will want to have the AC unit cleaned and check the compressor for problems before summer.

These repairs are needed when you need them most during the winter weather. Call an air conditioning repair service for help with these repairs when you need them this summer.