An AC Service Technician Can Add An Air Cleaner To Your System To Control Allergens In Your Home

Posted on: 6 July 2021

If someone in your home was recently diagnosed with allergies, you may be changing things around your house to reduce allergens in your home. You may even want to add a better filter to your central air conditioner. Then, every time that the AC runs, the air in your home is purified much better than just using an AC filter alone. Here is one example of an electronic air cleaner and how it's installed.

How An Air Cleaner Works

An air cleaner has a few different filters in it. The first one is a pre-filter that removes larger bits of debris from the air such as hair. Next to the pre-filter is an electronic filter.

As the air passes through this filter, it picks up an electric charge. There is a plate in the filter that has an opposite charge and this causes the contaminants in the air to cling to the plate. The air then passes through a final filter on its way to the air handler of your air conditioner.

Air cleaners for air conditioners are made in a few different ways, but they're all connected to the ducts and the air handler so they can work any time the HVAC is running, even if you're just running the fan.

How An Air Cleaner Is Installed

An AC service can install the air cleaner for you since it requires working on the air handler and return duct in your home. The outdoor condenser doesn't have to be bothered to install the cleaner. The AC service technician adds a piece of ductwork to the existing return duct so one end can attach to the new filter.

An air cleaner is a large filter when compared to the typical air-conditioning filter. The filters are housed in a case, and the case sits right beside your air handler where your current filter is installed. Once the new air cleaner is in place, you can leave your old filter out.

The panel on the side of the furnace is removed, and the case is screwed to the air handler. The new piece of ductwork is screwed to the other side of the air cleaner. All the air that passes through your ducts goes through your new air cleaner on its way to the air handler to be cooled down. The air cleaner needs to be plugged in since the filter needs electricity to operate.

While you won't need to change your original air filter once a month any longer, you'll still need to maintain the new filter so the air in your home stays as clean as possible. Cleaning entails washing the filters and replacing them on the schedule recommended by the air cleaner manufacturer. The AC service technician will explain how your brand of air cleaner works to decrease allergens in your home and how you should care for the filter for the best results.