2 Reasons Hot Air Comes Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Posted on: 6 December 2021

When your air conditioner is not working properly, one thing that can happen is that your unit simply blows warm air. Warm air blowing out of your AC system can be an indicator of many different problems.

A variety of air-conditioning problems can lead to warm air coming out of your unit. These are some of the things that could be causing the problem.

Your Airflow May Be Obstructed or Congested

When the right amount of air cannot get through your AC system, it may lead to warm air or not enough cool air coming out.

This issue can be easy to diagnose and fix if it is caused by a dirty air filter. You should replace an air filter once a month for the best results.

Additionally, it is important that the vents that bring air in are not blocked. Your problem could have a fix as simple as moving a piece of furniture away from an intake vent. In this case, you may not need a professional to fix the problem at all.

In other cases, this problem is linked to a dirty condenser. This problem is more difficult to diagnose because it often requires a repair professional to identify and fix the condenser.

You May Need More Refrigerant

If your system is not operating correctly, the issue could be that your refrigerant is not sufficient. As a result, your system has to work much harder to do the job you expect. Plus, your AC unit will not be able to remove humidity from your home as it is intended to.

Some signs may indicate that refrigerant is the issue rather than a poor filter or condenser issue. For example, you might notice that your home is humid or that you hear a strange sound when the unit turns on.

So, how can you fix this problem? You likely need an AC repair technician to come in and provide refrigerant. You may also need to figure out why the refrigerant was so low. Often, this problem indicates there is a leak somewhere. A professional can inspect it.

Speak With an AC Repair Professional

An air-conditioning repair technician can repair your unit and ensure that you have all the tools you need to have a functioning system when the weather warms up. If you aren't sure what to do about the warm air coming through your AC, call a pro ASAP.