A Quick Overview Of How Air Conditioning Installation Is Done

Posted on: 14 July 2022

Getting a new air conditioner can be an involved process that takes time and careful decisions. You'll want to work closely with the installation contractor when you select your new air conditioner and have it installed. If you've never been through the air conditioner installation process before, it may be a daunting experience, but your contractor will answer all of your questions before they even begin the work. Here's a quick look at what you can expect.

The Old Equipment Needs To Go

The first step is to get a permit from the city, so a codes officer can inspect the work when the contractor is finished. The cost of the permit is included in your installation costs, so there shouldn't be an extra fee.

When work is ready to start, the contractor has to remove the old equipment, and that could take hours to complete and make a mess. Much of the equipment and the refrigerant may be sent out for recycling, but the contractor removes all the debris and cleans any mess left behind.

Installation May Begin With Laying Everything Out

When it's time to do the air conditioning installation, the contractor may lay everything out as it will be needed once work starts. This ensures all the parts are present and easy to grab when it's time to use them. With all the old equipment out of the way, the new parts can be put in to build the new system.

All of the work might be completed in a single day, but if problems arise or if you have a large home, it might take a couple of days. For that reason, you may want a plan in place in case you need to stay elsewhere if it will be too hot in your home without air conditioning.

Testing And Inspecting Are The Final Steps

The final step is to test the system to make sure the AC cycles as it should and cools down your house. The codes officer needs to check the system too to make sure everything was installed properly and your AC is safe to use.

Then you'll be ready to enjoy a brand new air conditioner that can keep you cool with improved energy efficiency. Because new air conditioners are more efficient, you may find your energy bill will be lower, and that would be a welcome surprise. However, it's important to let the contractor calculate just the right size for your new AC and to offer suggestions on the right equipment to get based on your budget and energy ratings so you're happy with your new air conditioner.

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