3 Ordinary Issues With The Air Conditioner And How To Solve Them

Posted on: 2 August 2022

You might view your home as the most comfortable place until your air conditioner breaks down. When it happens, you are left dealing with complications like cold patches in the home, stuffiness, funny smells, and more. If you do not resolve the issues with the AC system, it will eventually get damaged. Here are three air conditioning system problems and ways to solve them. 

When Fluids are Leaking from the Unit

Two fluids commonly leak from the air conditioning system: water and refrigerant. The refrigerant circulates between the compressor and condenser. Your AC needs a certain level of fluid to function. Leaks are a common reason why the level of refrigerant might go down. When the levels are low, the coils cannot absorb heat, and they will freeze. The air handling unit has a system that collects the water and drains it away from the unit. If you start seeing water leaks around the unit, the drainage system may have some blockage. A technician can determine whether the leak is from water or refrigerant and also how to seal or repair it. 

Age and Corrosion

The air conditioner has some metallic components. It is also constantly exposed to moisture, humidity, and chemicals. With time, these chemicals start eating away at the AC. When this happens, crucial components will rust, leading to leaks in the system. The buildup of foliage and debris, especially on the outdoor units, can lead to rusting. When the systems rust, they perforate, and the refrigerant starts leaking. It is advisable to call an air conditioning professional to help you assess possible damage to the system and repair or replace the damaged parts. 

Deteriorated Wiring

The condition of the wiring is another common issue with air handling units. Your unit runs about three cycles every hour. Each is between fifteen and twenty minutes. If the cycles are shorter than the regular timelines, you could have an issue with the circuit breakers or the wiring. You can try and locate the electrical panel in your home and check for damage. If you cannot see any outright damage, speak to a professional about the possibility of replacing the faulty electrical wiring.

These are the three common complications with home AC units. You can speak to a known and trusted technician about the possible issues with your system and get their help resolving them for reliable units and a comfortable home. For more information on air conditioning repair, contact a professional near you.