Heat Pump Problems That Professional Repair Contractors Should Fix

Posted on: 8 September 2022

One of the more versatile heating and cooling systems that can be equipped in homes today is a heat pump. It's efficient and doesn't produce a lot of emissions. If you have one of these systems and it faces the following issues, make sure you hire a heat pump repair contractor immediately.

Pump Won't Shut Off

After a heat pump runs for a period of time and gets your home to the right temperatures, it should shut off. If it doesn't, then you need to hire a heat pump repair contractor to see what's keeping this heating and cooling system from turning off when it's supposed to.

It could be that your thermostat isn't responding properly to the heat pump or maybe you have a dirty air filter that this pump relies on to work efficiently. These are things a heat pump repair contractor will check to get to the bottom of this unit constantly running. Professional repair assistance will ultimately save you money and keep parts of the pump from breaking down.

Pump Won't Even Turn On

If you're not able to turn on the heat pump when trying to get cool or warm air, you need to hire a heat pump repair contractor. They will know what problems to check for so that you can get a repair going without delay and thus get your home cooled or heated appropriately.

They can check for potential issues like a loss in power, faulty thermostat, and reverse valve that's malfunctioning. It won't take the contractor long to target the right problem and fix it either way.

Heat Pump Failing to Switch Modes

The reason why heat pumps are coveted systems for a lot of homeowners today is because they can heat and cool. You just have to switch over to the right system. If you do this and you're not successful, this is a problem you need to have addressed by a heat pump repair contractor.

With a switching issue, something is wrong with the reversing valve. They can inspect this component thoroughly and see if it can be repaired. If it's beyond repair, they'll simply find a replacement and install it.

You can face a couple of issues with a residential heat pump. If they fall into an unfamiliar category that you don't know how to deal with, then you should hire a skilled repair contractor who works on these heating and cooling systems all the time. They'll fix this system in no time. For more information on heat pump repair, contact a professional near you.