Things You Can Expect During An HVAC Tune-Up

Posted on: 28 September 2022

One ideal way to ensure your HVAC unit functions efficiently for longer is to prioritize maintenance. After all, its components get worn out, and dust can accumulate over time. The only way to restore the HVAC unit's efficiency is to invest in maintenance. Preventative service is cheaper and will ensure your home is always cool or warm, depending on the season.

So, what happens during the HVAC service visit? This piece will briefly overview what seasoned HVAC technicians do when they show up for a routine tune-up.

Perform an Inspection

Once the technician arrives, they will start by assessing the condition of the HVAC system to identify problem areas. They'll check the filters, thermostats, outdoor and indoor units, and electrical connections, and the condensate drain line.

They will then inform you of the potential hazards and share recommendations on how to remedy the issues before a malfunction occurs. If the inspection is done in spring, the service checks will focus on the air conditioner, while in fall, they will prioritize the furnace. This prepares the HVAC system for the next season.

Identify Issues and Offer Solutions

A seasoned technician is trained to identify problems within your HVAC system. Once they find an issue, they will fix it. Sometimes you may be required to purchase new parts of the system. The service may also take longer than expected, depending on the issues at hand. Here are some steps they follow.

AC Unit Tune-Ups

Start by checking the condition of the air filter and replace it if necessary. All moving parts will require lubrication to reduce wear and tear. Next is to determine and fine-tune the refrigerant level. 

The outdoor condenser coil will need cleaning, while wires and connections will require testing and repairs. Also, the technician will check the blower motor, perform safety tests and amperage readings on test bearings and motors, then inspect the relays and capacitors for leaks and corrosion.

Furnace Tune-Ups

One of the first things technicians do is test the furnace unit for carbon monoxide and gas leaks. This will help guarantee your safety. 

The technician will also focus on monitoring for combustion leaks, inspecting the draft diverter and flue pipe, adjusting the burner, testing the motor, lubricating moving parts, and cleaning the flame sensor and pilot assembly.

Most technicians perform a detailed HVAC tune-up, so ensure you seek the service before the summer and winter seasons. After all, this is when the temperatures are extreme, and you want to guarantee your family's comfort throughout.

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