Signs Your Air Conditioner Capacitor Is Faulty

Posted on: 18 October 2022

Capacitors are a vital part of AC units. They are responsible for providing the necessary energy to keep your AC unit running. As such, you must ensure that your capacitor is in good condition. But how can you tell that your air conditioning capacitor is faulty? Well, here are some indicators to watch out for.

Your AC Unit Won't Turn On

One of the indicators of a bad capacitor is when your air conditioner fails to turn on. If your AC unit fails to turn on, it's a sign that the capacitor no longer provides energy or power to run your AC system. That's why your air conditioner might fail to run once you turn it on. The AC system sometimes takes time to turn on because the capacitor can't provide enough power.

Therefore, you must call air conditioning services to investigate whether the capacitor is responsible for your tribulations. 

The AC System Keeps Switching Off 

Does your air conditioner keep shutting down without reason? Well, that could be a sign of a faulty run capacitor. The capacitor must provide enough current to turn on your air conditioning unit. Also, the power must be enough to keep the AC unit running. So, if the AC unit keeps turning itself on and off, your capacitor definitely has a problem. 

AC System Doesn't Blow Cold Air

Another sign that you have a faulty capacitor is if you have warm air blowing from your vents. If you troubleshoot the AC unit and nothing changes, you should have an HVAC technician check out the capacitor. If it turns out your capacitor is the cause of the AC unit blowing warm air, your technician will replace it. 

Rising Energy Bills

If your cooling bills have been increasing, it could be a sign that your capacitor is faulty. Your air conditioner will use more energy to cool your home. A bad capacitor will lower your AC unit's voltage rating and affect your air conditioner's efficiency. As such, you'll have to invite an HVAC technician to determine what's causing your cooling energy to increase. If it's the capacitor, the technician will also replace it and service the rest of the components.

Unusual Noises

Have you heard humming noises coming from your access panel? That is a sign that some of the air conditioning components need your attention. You can try restarting the AC system to see if the problem disappears. If it doesn't, it could mean that your capacitor or other component has an issue. As such, you must replace the capacitor; otherwise, the noises will continue.

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