4 Common Furnace Problems That Will Require Repair

Posted on: 22 March 2023

One appliance in your home that will eventually break down is the furnace. However, the issue requiring your attention can be one of many potential things. That's why it helps to know more about those common problems that require repair.

Dirty Air Filter

If you only do one thing to maintain your furnace, it should be to replace the air filter regularly. That small filter plays a big role in keeping the air clean and flowing, and a clogged filter can cause the whole unit to stop working. Look into how often the manufacturer recommends that you change the air filter, and then set a reminder to do it regularly.  Some filters may need to be swapped every month, while others could be once per year.  It all depends on what your furnace requires.

Faulty Igniter

The furnace's igniter has the role of creating a spark so that the gas ignites. Unfortunately, a faulty igniter is going to cause the entire furnace to stop working. Without the ignition process, the gas cannot be turned into heat, and the whole furnace will appear to be broken. You'll likely need an HVAC technician to replace or clean the igniter to get the furnace working again.

Broken Blower Motor

The blower motor has the job of pushing all that warm air through the ductwork so that your entire house feels warm.  That motor can break down over time due to overheating, electrical issues, or simply being old in age and used excessively.  It's possible to repair a broken component of a blower motor to get it working again, but you may need to replace the entire blower motor if it stops working.

Dirty Pilot Light

A pilot light has a continuous flame that is used to ignite the burner.  If the pilot light goes out, then the furnace will not have a flame to get the furnace going. That pilot light can become dirty over time, simply due to dust and debris getting into it. There can also be residue left behind from gas that burns away, as well as rust that forms on the metal. A dirty pilot light can be cleaned if it gets to the point where it stops working.

Running into an issue with your furnace that you can't fix on your own? Contact an HVAC technician that specializes in furnace repair. They'll get your furnace back up and running again in no time. Reach out to a heating contractor for more information.