Signs You Should Hire A Chimney Repair Company

Posted on: 26 May 2023

If your home has a chimney on top of the roof, you may face different issues with it. If the following problems have surfaced, it's probably time to hire a chimney repair company.

Chimney Fire Is Likely

Each time you use a wood-burning fireplace, creosote is created. It's a potentially dangerous chemical that can cause chimney fires if not treated properly. If you believe your chimney is at risk of a fire in its current condition, then make sure you hire a chimney repair company.

For built-up creosote, they will use a special cleaning formula and brushes to alleviate creosote that's collected over time. After cleaning is performed, the repair company will then test the fireplace to make sure the chimney is not a fire risk any longer.

Chimney Has Started to Collapse

If enough bricks around the chimney are damaged, then it could collapse in the not-too-distant future. It's a problem that you'll be able to easily spot from outside of your home. The best way to handle a chimney collapse is to hire a chimney repair company that has a lot of experience.

They can first remove bricks that are no longer secure so that you and your family aren't at risk of getting hit by falling bricks. Next, a chimney repair company can see which bricks are salvageable and which ones warrant a complete replacement. The company will keep working until the chimney is successfully restored. It will look like it once did and perform just as great as before too.

Damaged Mortar Causing Moisture Problems

Mortar is such an important substance for the bricks that make up your home's chimney. They keep bricks secure and create a seal, keeping moisture from affecting the inside of your chimney. If mortar ever starts to get damaged, be sure to hire a chimney repair company before severe water damage occurs.

A repair company can reapply mortar around any sections of brick that need it. A tight seal will subsequently form and keep moisture problems at bay. All you need to do now is keep an eye on the repaired sections to make sure they hold up.

If you have really bad chimney problems to deal with at home, chimney repair companies can solve them. Whether it's damaged mortar or brick, these repair companies can work quickly to complete repairs that keep more severe damage from surfacing in the future. 

For more info about chimney repair services, contact a local company.