3 Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Furnace That Could Be Costing You In Repairs

Posted on: 18 January 2020

Your furnace is a major appliance in your home that needs proper care and maintenance. If you aren't using this appliance properly or aren't maintaining it enough, you're going to end up with costly repairs and issues long before your appliance's lifetime is up. You may be doing things to your furnace that is causing it problems and you aren't even aware you are doing them. Read on for a few mistakes you may be making with your furnace that could be costing you.

1. Forgetting To Change Your Air Filter

Forgetting this one task could cost you a lot of money in appliance repair costs. A very simple task, but one that is very commonly forgotten, changing the furnace filter is one thing you should never forget to do. If you fail to change your furnace filter each month, it may end up leaving you with a premature breakdown of your appliance. To change your furnace filter, all that needs to be done is to open up the panel, pull out the air filter and replace it with a new one. If you do end up with a breakdown from failing to change your furnace filter, you can replace the filter, then hit the reset button on your furnace to restart it.

2. Making Big Adjustments To Your Thermostat

If you are setting your thermostat and changing the temperature often with major temperature changes, it is going to be too much work for your furnace to keep up. This over-working of your furnace could cause it to wear out quickly and breakdown. Remember that you only need to make small adjustments to your thermostat at a time to prevent this from occurring. Be sure everyone in your household understands not to touch the thermostat to prevent a breakdown of your appliance as well. If your furnace stops running due to this problem, just keep it off for a little while and try to restart it yourself. Hit the reset button on your furnace to see if this turns the furnace back on. If it still does not turn on, contact an HVAC technician.

3. Blocking Your Vents

Blocking your vents or shutting vents throughout your home in an attempt to get more airflow to other parts of your home is never a good idea. You should always keep all of your vents open and clear of anything to prevent blocking air flow. If you do close vents, you don't get more air flow in other parts of your home, you only cool parts of your home which will cause your furnace to run overtime in an attempt to heat your home. You'll wear out the parts of your furnace much quicker. To prevent this from happening, open up the vents around your home.

If you are making these mistakes with your furnace, you could end up with premature breakdowns of your appliance. If you do end up with a breakdown, call an HVAC technician to repair any problems you have with your residential heating.