Heating System Maintenance: Simple Steps For Saving Money And Increasing Home Comfort

Posted on: 18 March 2020

Providing regular maintenance can prolong the life of a vehicle and help it to operate more efficiently, and the same thinking applies to home heating systems. Those who are new to home ownership or those who just want to enjoy more reliable, economical heat from their home's heating system can use this information to help them achieve their goal. 

Start with the thermostat

The thermostat could be considered the brain of your home's HVAC system because it determines when the system should operate, how long it should run during each cycle, and when it should shut down. But to do this, the thermostat must be functioning correctly and capable of using battery power to maintain settings in the even of a power outage. 

Homeowners who have not had their home's thermostat calibrated as part of their regular heating system maintenance plan may be wasting money on inefficient heat. 

Check and clean interior components 

Another maintenance need that home heating systems have is cleaning the interior components and checking for visible damage or wear issues. Dust and grime that accumulates inside the cases of heating system components can weigh down fan blades, cause wear, and interfere with moving parts and electrical connections.

The coils inside the heating system should also be serviced regularly to keep them clean and check for leaks or repair issues. 

If not periodically cleaned and removed, dust and grime accumulations throughout the interior of the furnace can lead to an increase in the number and size of emergency repair bills. Even worse, failing to provide this type of important maintenance can result in the need for expensive furnace replacement.

Ensure a clean, efficient fuel burning process

Regular maintenance services are especially important for heating systems that use fuel oil, liquid propane, or natural gas as fuel. While having similar fan and filtration components, oil and gas furnaces also have ignition and burner systems that become clogged and dirty with frequent or prolonged use.

Ignition and burner systems that do not receive regular maintenance will lose soon efficiency and may even develop issues with the burning process that could cause harmful fumes to escape into the living areas of the home. Homeowners who provide regular maintenance for their gas and oil heating systems are taking steps to reduce their use of expensive heating fuel, as well as helping to keep their family safe. 

Providing this type of regular attention by a reputable heating system maintenance service, along with regular filter changes by the homeowner, is the best way for homeowners to save money on heating bills and enjoy a more comfortable home during each heating season. For more information on heating system maintenance services, contact a local HVAC company such as Robison Air.