AC Repairs For Problems With Condensing Units And Compressors

Posted on: 15 July 2020

Hot summer weather means that there are going to be problems with your AC that you have to deal with. Many of these problems start with the condensation unit and compressor. The problems usually start with a dirty unit and freezing. Other problems can be due to things like summer storms that damage the AC unit. The following information will help you identify problems with the condensing unit and AC compressor:      

  • Dirty Condensing Coil and Freezing—The condensing unit has a copper line called a condensing coil, which is what is used to cool air that flows through the ductwork. This coil can freeze over with ice due to condensation when it is dirty. It is very important to keep the condensing coil and other parts clean. If you notice a problem with ice, an AC repair technician will clean these parts to prevent ice from causing damage to your air conditioner. Routinely clean debris from around the condensing unit to reduce problems with dirty parts that can lead to AC damage. 

  • Damage to the AC Compressor—The AC compressor can also be damaged due to the freezing and ice. First, the problem with ice causes the compressor to work harder, which can lead to overheating. Sometimes, the overheating can cause damage to the compressor motor and other costly damage. The motor and electrical components' problems can often be repaired, but it can be costly if you need to replace the AC compressor.    

  • Low Refrigerant Levels Due to Compressor Problems—The issues with the AC compressor also cause leaks, which lead to low refrigerant gas levels. The leaks may start off slow and are often barely noticeable. The problem is that they gradually get worse, and when there is not enough gas in the system, the air conditioner will have trouble keeping your home cool.    

  • Issues with Electrical and Storm Damage Problems—Electrical problems due to surges and thunderstorms can also cause the AC to not work properly. In addition, severe summer storms can also cause damage to the condensing unit and exposed parts like coils. Therefore, if there have recently been severe storms in your area and the AC is not working as it should, you will want to call an AC service to look at some of these problems.    

These are some of the problems that you may have with the AC condensing unit or compressor. When your air conditioner is not keeping your home cool, contact a local AC repair service, like Orlando Air Conditioning Experts, to look at these issues.