Help Your HVAC Technicians - Three Steps For Easy System Maintenance

Posted on: 12 December 2016
If you don't know the first thing about HVAC systems and how to keep them in good condition, read on to discover some of the options for easy maintenance that can help your furnace or other system last longer. You don't have to go to school for heating and cooling systems to understand some of the finer points of HVAC system maintenance. In a lot of cases it's as easy as doing recommended maintenance over time and making sure that systems are set up the way that they're supposed to be.
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Pros And Cons Of Radiant Ceiling Panels For Heating Your Home Or Office

Posted on: 13 October 2016
Radiant ceiling panels provide a type of heat that feels natural like sunlight. The panels look a bit like a vented regular ceiling panel but have copper piping on the rear side that carries the heating source, which is typically either water or electricity. Radiant heating panels have positives and negatives that can determine whether they are the right heating choice for your office or home. You should always discuss your options in further detail with an HVAC contractor in your area, such as Action Appliance Services.
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Signs Your Air Conditioner May Be Getting Ready To Fail

Posted on: 11 August 2016
With summer in full swing, now is the time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Along with hot, muggy conditions and high temps, finding reprieve from the heat means indulging in your cool, air conditioned home. If you're noticing that things aren't quite working as well as they should with lower indoor temperatures, it's time to call a HVAC pro. Here are some subtle signs you shouldn't ignore when it comes to your home's cooling system.
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4 Reasons You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Posted on: 21 March 2016
If you can't remember the last time you had your ducts cleaned, you should probably schedule that service as soon as possible. To keep your furnace working properly, you should have your ducts cleaned about once a year. This is particularly important if you live in an area that experiences high winds, Here are four beneficial reasons to have your vents cleaned. Improved Air Quality If you live in an area with high pollution rates, the air you're breathing inside your home could be polluted too.
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